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4 Puffed Crunch

4 Puffed Crunch

A healthy treat for your birds to enjoy - 100% human grade ingredients!

Contains: Puffed Corn, Puffed Buckwheat, Puffed Millet, Puffed Brown Rice

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The average score is 9 out of 10.


Great little trat. My african grey & sennie both love it. Thankyou.


great treat mix as our parrots love this puffed crunch any time of day


i think most of it went on the floor, it Looks good but only the bird can tell you how good it tastes

he does like his tidymix dailey diets


This is the first time I have purchased this product and all of my birds love it.

10/10 The Fun Of Popcorn!

I would buy again and again!

It's great that there is a mixture of different types of grains that are puffed as it gives parrot something different to investigate and enjoy. It means you can eat your own dinner in peace without the squawking and noise of your parrot in their cage wanting yours as they now have their puffed grains to keep there mind of our dinner. Laurenx