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"Our ingredients make all the difference"

Unlike some conventional mixes we mainly source fit for human consumption ingredients as we believe your bird deserves a healthy nutritious diet. We feel the use of human consumption ingredients means your bird will benefit from the freshest natural foods available. Fresh ingredients are both tasty and have higher nutrient levels for your bird's health and enjoyment.

"Quality in every bowl"

We source mainly hulled ingredients for our diets which as this creates less waste and could reduce the amount of food you need to purchase for your bird. Using hulled and fit for human consumption ingredients ensures your bird is getting a safe diet to eat.

"Getting the balance right"

Our diets are not based on any one ingredient being at large levels such as sunflower, which is so often the case in many mixes. We aim to provide you bird with a healthy nutritious blend of ingredients whilst ensuring healthy quantities can be enjoyed. Our diets will always contain no less than 12% dried fruit and no more than 10% sunflower in every pack.

"Feeding those little stomachs"

As a guide we recommend the following daily amounts for your bird;

Daily Parrot Feeding Guide
Small Conures 30/40g
Small Cockatoos 60/70g
Amazons and Greys 60/70g
Large Conures 40/50g
Large Cockatoos 75/85g
Large Macaws 80/90g


Daily Parakeet and Budgie Feeding Guide
Small Parakeets 20/30g
Larger Parakeets 30/40g
Budgerigars 15/20g

"We believe a healthy diet has many benefits for both bird and owner. A well-balanced mix of ingredients will enhance your birds feather condition and improve their energy levels. Providing your bird with a diet full of variety and goodness is also likely to improve your birds happiness and wellbeing"