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About Tidy Mix Diets

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Tidymix Diets exists, as we believe a healthy diet has many benefits for both bird and owner. A well-balanced mix of ingredients will enhance your birds feather condition and can improve their energy levels. We aim to provide your birds with a diet full of variety and goodness, as we believe this will enhance their happiness and wellbeing.

Scott Ennis formed Tidymix Diets back in 1999 when he found bird food available at this time was not of the quality he wanted to feed his own collection of parrots. It was during this time he found that by blending a variety of human grade ingredients together his birds flourished and with that the Tidymix Diet was created. Such was the quality of the diet;

Tidymix became a finalist for veterinary product of the year after being nominated by leading avian vets. Over a decade later and Tidymix Diets continues to be used and endorsed by avian vets, parrot charities and parrot sanctuaries. Much has changed to bird diets since 1999 with other businesses now recognising the need for a broader based diet however, Tidymix Diets still prides itself on providing a safe, healthy and balanced meal for beloved pets up and down the country.