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Tropical Fruit Treats

Tropical Fruit Treats

Tropical fruit treats - 100% human grade for your birds to enjoy

A delicious & healthy blend of Papaya, Pineapple, Mango, Toasted coconut chips

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The average score is 9 out of 10.


I don't no any bird that doesn't like this treat ...

Again you can soak a little 1st. If the bird is fussy. 


My birds love this mix and it lasts for a very long time indeed. You can try it yourself too. 

Lauren Stevenson

I love these handy little treats. My parrot refuses to eat them as she's very very fussy about dried fruit and vegetables and with one of her other foods she only eats dried banana when it suits her. The smell of these treats smell so fresh and lovely and it's great that the treats are there to try and get my parrot into different things. Weather your parrot eats them or not it's a handy bag to have.

Lauren Stevenson 


Great our parrot loves them.


i add a few bits to my 21 year old african greys food as a treat he loves it

M Webber

Our Eclectus parrot likes this product very much and is very happy with the quality. I can well believe this is of human standard but I personally have not tried it.

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