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Budgie Diet Large Quantity

Budgie Diet Large Quantity

For your Budgies:
17 healthy balanced ingredients, 100% human grade (except mix canary seed - very best quality used), used and recommended by avian vets, 99% edible creating less waste and mess

Millet hulled, oat groats, mix canary seed, brown linseed, whole wheat, barley flakes, chick corn, brown rice, red split lentils, banana chips, puy lentils, garlic sticks, sesame sticks, chopped dates, diced apricots, soya mince, kelp powder.

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Budgie Seed Is Top One To Buy!

I buy the budgie seed for all my birds, lovebirds, budgies, cockatiels and my cockatoo. It’s the best out of all of the foods as it contains no sunflower seeds and no safflower seeds. This means you can buy the sunflower seeds and safflower seeds separate meaning you have better control over the amount of seeds they consume. Most parrots should only be given 2-3 sunflower seeds a day. 


I think this is a 5 Star Product. I mix it with the Tidymix Parakeet Diet and feed the mixture to my Cockatiels and small parakeets. No waste. Very good service too.

Linda Roberts

Great value well mixed diet. The birds love it. Could do with next day delivery as standard though, as this shipment took ages!


Absolutely great they love it. Very well packed and quick delivery too