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Budgie Diet Medium Quantity

Budgie Diet Medium Quantity

For your Budgies:
17 healthy balanced ingredients, 100% human grade (except mix canary seed - very best quality used), used and recommended by avian vets, 99% edible creating less waste and mess

Millet hulled, oat groats, mix canary seed, brown linseed, whole wheat, barley flakes, chick corn, brown rice, red split lentils, banana chips, puy lentils, garlic sticks, sesame sticks, chopped dates, diced apricots, soya mince, kelp powder.

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The average score is 8 out of 10.


Budgies seem to enjoy this food as soon as their pot is taken out they know fresh is coming. 

Very little waste is this product. 

Will continue to buy


I have two budgies and a cockatiel and wanted to give them a more balanced diet and someone recommended this. The birds were always on seed mix and fresh fruit and veg. They will not eat sprouted seed or pellet mixes which I have tried with them. They took to this pretty much right away, which I was pleased about as they sometimes have difficulties recognising new things as food. They do seem to be sweeping with their beaks to get to particular things they like better in the mix first- but they always did this with their seed diet so that's not unusual- and they do seem to be eating it all. I am really happy with the product and feel they are getting a much better diet than seed. It's only week two so the plan is to just gradually take their usual seed away completely and replace it with this. Thanks.


Great quality as always with Tidymix. Budgies love it.

Jo Edwards

Excellent seed no dust . Good price .

What's in a name?

I have been ordering fro tidymix directly since the previous people i was using seem to have just stopped stocking it after not fulfilling orders a little too close to the "oh sh*t i'm nearly out of seed" line. Tidymix's bag is more than what I was getting previously at about 1.2 kilos, and arrives typically within a day or so. We do a 2part pellet and 3 part seed for our budgie and she'll tear through the seed easily. Never had any problems with tidymix food, even ith perhaps the pickiest budgie known to man.

Budgie mum

Always good quality and very quick delivery. It would be nice to get an estimated delivery date so I know when to expect it to make sure I'm going to be in. 

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