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Budgie Diet Medium Quantity

Budgie Diet Medium Quantity

For your Budgies:
17 healthy balanced ingredients, 100% human grade (except mix canary seed - very best quality used), used and recommended by avian vets, 99% edible creating less waste and mess

Millet hulled, oat groats, mix canary seed, brown linseed, whole wheat, barley flakes, chick corn, brown rice, red split lentils, banana chips, puy lentils, garlic sticks, sesame sticks, chopped dates, diced apricots, soya mince, kelp powder.

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Budgies love it

I have two 10 year old and two 2 year old budgies. I wasn't happy with the way other brands mixes had gone, so I looked around and saw the great reviews for tidymix. It has such a good variety, which I think is especially important for our two old girls. Switched their food slowly and they all seem to love it. Plus so much less mess without the husks! (It also means it's going so much further). I'm really happy with it.


Lovely for my budgies! Well balanced, human-grade. I use clean small scissors to cut up the big bits of fruit etc. and they love it all!

Great for love bird chick!

My love birds are on the budgie mix. Have been for many years along with my bare-eyed cockato, cockatiels and budgies. I love the budgie mix as there is no sunflower seeds. I very very highly recommend! I cannot thank Tidy mix diets enough for providing such an excellent quality food that is not available in shops or on the market. Tidy mix diets is unbeatable. My love bird chick is on the budgie mix as the love bird parents are feeding it. An accident happened lol unexpected love bird chick. The tidy mix diet is keeping my love bird chick thriving very well indeed as its feathers are nearly all opened out. I cannot thank tidy mix diets again as a very good quality mix is so hard to come across. Thank you tidy mix diets for helping all my birds thrive over many years! Thank you for the diet to contain no sunflower seeds as birds do not require them. #an early Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year! Xo


Very good high quality food.


Great quality food, i have a little non flying budgie and he keeps a good weight eating this 



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