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Linseed Small Quantity

Linseed Small Quantity

Linseed produces a small seed capsule containing about 10 seeds. 30-405 fixed oil including linoleic and oleic acids, mucilage (6%), protein (25%), the oil contains vitamin A, B, D and E, minerals and amino acids.

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Quaker Mum

Good quality. Enjoyed by both my quakers. I sprinkle a tiny amount on their tea.


I bought this to try for my grey as something else to top up the formual food with and he seem to really enjoy it and at the cost its definitely worth getting as I'm sure it must be doing him some good!


Our grey loves them even though they are small

Just sprinkle onto there food

Again these are a good treat to add to the birds main dietary of foods 


Repeat customer for life .  


I will not purchase any other branded foods. 




Tidymix diets for my crew

Me 2 . 😉😉


For sprinkling into budgies food - I eat it too!