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Vegetable Crunch

Vegetable Crunch

Vegetable crunch - 100% human grade for your birds to enjoy

A delicious & healthy blend of Carrot flakes, Beetroot slices, Pumpkin seeds, Soya mince.

Enjoyed by Parrots, Parakeets, cockatiels, Lovebirds and Budgie.

Can be eaten dried or soaked for a short time in cold water to offer as a wet food.

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The average score is 8 out of 10.


Fantastic for my eclectus...he loves it. Great product

Brother B

My guys love vegetable crunch so I sprinkle a bit of this in their food a few times a week as a ttreat which they enjoy very much. 

My cockatiel loves it!

Bought this as a treat for my cockatiel Dempsey as she is loving it, she particularly likes the beetroot. I’ve tasted it myself and it’s really nice, had to stop myself from eating more! 

M Webber

Very good quality and goes down well with our Eclectus Parrot


Tidy mix for all my birds now.   

Everything from there food to diet foods and soaking mixes  to treats of flaked vegetables and dried fruits.  And Scott is so so helpful. Any question's or problems he'll sort it .... 

Thanks from 


Ta2..   Tilly.... &  Biggy Smalls 

Lauren Stevenson

I'd recommend this Vegetable Crunch. Smells good and it's great to add to the TidyMix Seed if your birds are stuck only on one vegetable (broccoli), so it's gives your birds that bit of something extra. Handy to have.

Lauren Stevenson 

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